The first snow of the season in Lugano

Last night it’s been snowing for the first time this winter here in Lugano! So today right after the breakfast I went for a walk to Gandria and took some photos. Unfortunately we have not received as much snow as expected, but enough to put the smiles on faces. I am looking forward to more snow this winter.

Footprints in fresh snow

Footprints in fresh snow in Lugano

Viewing monte san giorgio from castagnola

A view of Monte San Giorgio and Monte San Salvatore from Castagnola

Red maple leaves in winter

Red maple leaves in Castagnola

lugano roof tiles under snow

Roof tiles covered with fresh snow

 last autumn leaves on tree

Last fall leaves on a tree

stone path sentiero di gandria

The Sentiero di Gandria

gandria watefront


italian snowy mountains viewed from gandria

Viewing snowy italian mountains from Gandria


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