Where have we been

I am back with a short recap of the past weeks. It’s been a while since my last post and that means, that we didn’t go to the mountains as much as we’ve wanted to.

There have been only three hikes since the last post, here is the list:

#8 Cabbio – Rifugio Prabello – Sasso Gordona – Cabbio (13 km +845 m) – nice and easy hike on the border between Ticino and Lombardia, good views of mountains and small villages on both swiss and italian sides;

Saas Gordona summit seen from Rifugio Prabello

View of Sasso Gordona from rifugio Prabello

#9 Moleno – Alpe di Ripiano – Alpe di Lai – Alpe di Confienn – Alpe di Ripiano – Cher – Preonzo (14.25 km +1450 m) – beautiful, but exhausting hike along Moleno River, we were not able to go all the way up to Alpe di Confienn because of the snow at about 1220 m altitude and another negative surprise of this hike – the valley was full of ticks;

#10 Lurengo – Predelp – Molare (7.35 km +687m) – this was planned as an easy hike, but because of plenty of fallen trees across the trail we’ve completed just a half of the course, finishing at Predelp, and that took us about five hours, the area is beautiful and I have two more hikes planned there.

Looks like we are behind the schedule with my “24 hikes in 2014” challenge: it is already June and we have only completed 10 hikes. I don’t think there will be more hikes this month, but starting July we will get back on track.


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