Parco Ciani in snow

Couple more pictures of the Lugano’s public park Parco Ciani after the snow fell over the city.

Lugano's public park Parco Ciani after snow fall over the town

View of Parco Ciani in Lugano

close-up of snow covered tree branches with some dry leaves

Tree branches covered with snow


Walking along the Lake Lugano

The september was all about long walks along the Lake Lugano.

early morning on lake lugano

An early morning on Lake Lugano

camera obscura on lake lugano

A camera obscura floating on Lake Lugano

mountain sunset in lugano

Monte Boglia (left) and Monte Bre (center) at sunset

seagull flying over lake lugano

Looking at Lugano waterfront from Paradiso

sunset at lake lugano

A sunset at Lake Lugano

gloaming at lake lugano

Gloaming at Lake Lugano

blue hour at lake lugano

Monte Bre (left) and Lake Lugano at blue hour

viewing lake lugano from gandria

Viewing Lake Lugano on a foggy afternoon from Gandria