April in Lugano

The real april weather has finally arrived to Lugano. Although there have not been any foehn winds so far, the heat of previous weeks is gone and it rains from time to time. As usual there are more chances of bad weather on a weekend than a weekday, but we’ve been lucky not to miss any hikes so far!

walking trail along lake lugano

In Castagnola after a rain

We’ve done two more hikes in Lugano area:
#6 Tesserete – Mt Bigorio – Tesserete
#7 Sonvico – Mt Roveraccio – Cap Pairolo – Villa Luganese

And since there still plenty of snow above 1600m, for tomorrow I’ve planned another easy hike at lower attitude. In the morning we are leaving for Cabbio in Valle di Muggio and from there will head up to Rifugio Prabello and then to Sasso Gordona. This will be our first hike from Ticino to Lombardia.


Hikes of 2014

In Lugano, spring is in full swing. This year’s weather is so different from what I’ve experienced in two previous years. I was expecting endless rains and terrible foehn winds, but so far the weather was good: dry, very warm and calm.


My goal for 2014 is to make at least 24 hikes until the end of the year. So far I’ve completed five, including one snowshoeing hike in Graubunden:
1. Tesserette – Motto della Croce (Capriasca, Ticino)
2. Bre paese – Monte Boglia (Lugano, Ticino)
3. Tigignas – Cre digl Lai – Riom – Savognin (Graubunden)
4. Berzona – Monti della Scesa – Monti di Motti – Tenero (Valle Verzasca, Ticino)
5. Migleglia – Arosio (Alto Malcantone, Ticino)

For today I have planned another easy hike in Capriasca.

Weekend hike in Val Colla

Here are a few photographs from our weekend hike in Val Colla: Certara (1025m) – Alpe di Pietrarossa (1549m) – Colla (996m).

view of village of Signôra in ticino switzerland

Village of Signôra

trekking Alpe di Pietrarossa switzerland

View from Alpe di Pietrarossa

snowed swiss mountain gazzirola

View of Gazzirola from Alpe di Pietrarossa

Alpe di Pietrarossa in lugano prealps

View from Alpe di Pietrarossa


Via Luigi Lavizzari

Salita Vallee (left) and Via Luigi Lavizzari (right), Lugano

Historic buildings in lugano castagnola

Via Giuseppe Motta, Lugano (left) and Via Giacomo Discepoli, Castagnola (right)

palazzo riva at via pretorio lugano

Two girls playing on Piazza Carlo Cattaneo, Castagnola (left) and the Palazzo Riva courtyard at Via Pretorio 7, Lugano

spring time in lugano

Salita Vallée (left) and a hotel on Riva Vincenzo Vela (right), Lugano

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