Parco Ciani in snow

Couple more pictures of the Lugano’s public park Parco Ciani after the snow fell over the city.

Lugano's public park Parco Ciani after snow fall over the town

View of Parco Ciani in Lugano

close-up of snow covered tree branches with some dry leaves

Tree branches covered with snow


Motto della Croce

Another perfect winter day hike in Ticino: from the village of Tesserete (522 m) up to Motto della Croce (1393 m) and back.



A walk in the first snow on Monte Brè

As stated in the previous post Monte Brè received its first snowfall last Friday. I simply could not stay indoors when I saw from my window the snow covered summit. So right after the lunch I headed up the mountain for a short walk.

Ticino snow line moves down the towards lower elevations

First snowfall hit Monte Bre

Monte Brè recieved its first snow

Mist and snow above Lugano

First snowfall southern switzerlnad

November brings first snow to Lugano